The Department of Theater and Dance is committed to engaging students in creative practice and scholarly study across the disciplines of theater and 跳舞. Students in our courses are encouraged to explore the cross-disciplinary connections between these two performing arts; to link theory with practice; and to situate theater and 跳舞 as vital components in cultural, 社会, and political processes with both global and historical reach. The Department exposes students to a wide range of studio techniques and approaches in order to enhance their skills as performers and to provide them with the necessary resources for the creation of new work. 最重要的是, the Department values experimentation in both artistic practice and intellectual inquiry, and seeks to nurture student artists capable of expressing their 的想法 and their passions with clarity and purpose.

The Theater and Dance curriculum offers students an in-depth exploration of theater and 跳舞 as individual disciplines, and provides a range of forums for students to investigate the ways in which these two performing arts intersect. Many of the Department’s courses stress the cross-disciplinary connections between theater and 跳舞 to encourage students to explore Performance as a broad interdisciplinary field that offers opportunity for both artistic practice and scholarly study. Course material covers the great traditions of theater and 跳舞 as well as current trends in contemporary 性能, and our courses seek to link classroom study with practice, and studio practice with theory, as a way of broadening and deepening student experience in the performing arts. 另外, courses at all levels of the curriculum require students to create their own 性能 work not simply as a mode of self-expression but in response to themes, 的想法, and inquiries from across the liberal arts disciplines.

Performance opportunities:

  • Two annual main-stage theater productions directed by faculty and/or guest artists
  • Two annual 跳舞 concerts featuring student and faculty choreography
  • Informal stage readings of student plays
  • Workshop presentations of student 跳舞s
  • Directing projects
  • Student 性能 groups: Trinity College Dance Company, 小丑, Shondaa Steppers, the Latin Dance Club, and Moveable Joints (comedy improv).

Community Engagement

The Theater and Dance Department has created a strong network in 哈特福德’s urban locale with public schools and arts organizations. Trinity students participate in movement/arts residencies in the schools, engage in community outreach programs, and undertake internships at local arts venues.

A Semester in New York City

Founded in 1986, the Trinity/La MaMa Performing Arts Semester in New York City utilizes the urban center of New York as a catalyst for an intensive study in the arts. Based at the world renowned La MaMa E.T.C. in downtown Manhattan, the semester provides full immersion in the theater, 跳舞, 性能, 音乐, creative writing, and visual arts communities. The program includes a comprehensive academic seminar, an arts internship, practice classes, and atten跳舞 at several 性能s/arts events each week. The semester culminates with an original arts event generated by the students presented at La MaMa E.T.C.